Tuesday, November 25, 2014

F.T.P. live @ MATA :11:23:14

F.T.P. also has a new cassette out on his own Fractured Noise imprint titled "Insurrection Come".
Harsh and Dense Noise/P.E. with moments of quiet tension. Limited to 50 copies. Packaged in clear Norelco case slathered with epoxy. 

You can order by emailing him here:

And as always, check out his fantastic noise zine here

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Release: Run For Omniphobia

RUN FOR OMNIPHOBIA  - Assembly Bill-109 CDr
released on Wheelchair Full of Old Men.

A full hour of Industrial Noise via Guttertronics and Analog Synthesizer damage. Brought to you by Bacteria Cultists Edward Giles & Jay Howard.

no website available but you can write to them here if you would like to order one:

I have 5 copies available for trade, all come with a logo pin.
get in touch if interested here:

sound sample: